Common Injuries to the Feet Faced By Runners


Runners are just as athletic as those that play other sports. While running is rather calm there are some injuries that runners can experience. These are some common foot injuries for runners.
Shin Splint InjuriesThe injury happens on the lower part of the leg along the bone. Runners with a flat foot and low arch are more likely to get their injury. They are occur often when there are changed made to the workout and if a person has this injurt they need to rest the body.Stress FractureA stress fracture happens when the foot bones develop a small crack. For runners these cracks occur the foot or in the shin. Fractures can be due to working too hard. If a person has a stress fracture they need to rest. If they do not take some time to rest the body this injury can become very serious.These are some injuries that are faced by runners. While running is good for the health a person does have to listen to their body and take some time to rest.